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July started with us preparing for judging on July 15th . The preparation for the judging is an excellent discipline for us all and helps us  prepare our yearly timetable. With the messages we get from the RHS during the year we get to understand the differences in planting techniques, peat free compost, the involvement of residents and businesses. COVID is still a difficult illness to deal with and after holidays many of our volunteers came back suffering from the illness.

Our planting in this quarter was restricted because of the very hot weather. We finished our spring planting in June and tided for this quarter.

We wanted to show that we were planting perennials in the planters and that they worked. We wanted to show off the Fishermens’ Memorial and associated gardens by the Witham and the Police Station. The planting around the buoys had settled in nicely and that too was a pride of Boston.

Although some of our new plants were  taken, as soon as they grew and filled the planters they were not at risk. But our area at Custom House Quay was devastated on July 5th.

Not only the granite stones which were  the seating but a whole large planter were stolen over night, leaving a very sad scene. We were helped by the Borough grounds men to tidy.

The planters had been spoilt and this was a place where we had to replant and keep watering. It is used by many visitors who take photos of the Stump.

The judges were Peter Benham and Carl Beacock from Grimsby, a Green Spaces Manager.

We knew Peter as he had been here in 2012 to help us start Boston in Bloom and he came as a judge in 2018.

We met the Judges at the Crematorium and we were able to do our presentation there before judging began. They were accompanied by members of the Friends of the Cemetery Then to the new wood behind the hospital where they met Boston Woods’ members, and to the allotments meeting more residents.

The tour of central Boston started at the Len Medlock Centre, talking to residents and volunteers at the Fishermen’s memorial, the Stump, the park, Strait Bargate, Boots, Custom House Quay, the wild flower meadow, Fydell House and then to Blackfriars. There they had lunch and Peter Bentham presented certificates to a number of local volunteers from a number of areas where the Wombles and others work.

The month of August was a holiday for most of our volunteers, at a time of very hot weather. This meant that we had to go around most areas just to check on the plants and planters. Our Jubilee Crown in the park was used as a table by many picnickers, and children loved to slide down it, so we are having a rethink about the bed.

Come September and back to work although often too hot to plant. We have  ordered plants for autumn planting and bulbs for our perennial beds.

And then to Loughborough for the presentations to all the entrants in East Midlands in Bloom. And Boston got its seventh gold. The judges’ comments say we have things to work on in the park and we must get our web site up and running, but it is a tribute to our volunteers, sponsors and supporters to have achieved another gold. Thank you Big Local!