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The start of a very busy season. By April we had been out nearly every Friday since October 2021 making it 28 by April 8th.

Real dedication by our volunteers. We have 15 areas in the centre of town that we work on including new planters.

We started our blitz at the Deco garden, the long beds and the buoy garden.

Our efforts to make the entrance to the park more appealing was working. Many residents, particularly in wheelchairs and mobility scooters use the picnic bench area regularly. Since covid it has become an out door meeting place using the café facilities but the bins were disgusting and the tables worn out. We met council officers and a plan was hatched.

Some EU money which needed spending  was given to us and we were able to buy four new self watering planters for the park and memorial gardens. As you can see the bins were disgusting and the planters had disintegrated. New tables were bought, new benches installed and wooden benches painted. The whole area was transformed

We had  pointed out that the Memorial Garden railings’ paint had had peeled off. The Borough was already using community labour to paint the railings around the park It became part of the work.

We also continued to campaign against fly posting. Over 60 posters were plastered all over Boston in March. These posters are never removed. The bus stops and roundabout, the empty shops are the target.

The enforcement officer went around and removed as many as he could find as we did. He is in contact with the company.

After the May Fair we were able to start our special jubilee planting. The plants had been collected for some months and looked after by R Leverton.

This is always a difficult time, when revellers pass the newly planted plants in beds and planters and interfere with them.

Our plants were all chosen as perennial plants, ones we could save and use again and they are all pollinators too attracting many different insects and bees, important for the centre of towns.

Plants saved from last year’s displays and used at the station and outside a dental surgery where the volunteers go, to tidy the area and brighten it up.


“Don't be fooled in thinking these are small, insignificant changes. People do notice. It inspires others to act and improve their own areas. The logic seems to be If someone else who cares like me is doing something, then maybe I can too.”

“It improves the town visually, enhances quality of life, raises house values, encourages people to move in and starts a positive feedback loop where other, larger tasks are taken on within the area (and so on) to help build a sense of community. Great work.”

We have been through all the planters in the town centre too. We look after the ones near Boots, the ones at the Memorial Gardens and on Custom House Quay that we have planted with perennials, one or two of our big plants were taken but on the whole they have been left alone. Some plants are taken out and left out so we have regular visits everywhere to check and replant.

Our prize winners from Wyberton School were visited and special succulent plants bought to plant for HM the Queen’s platinum Jubilee.

With 15 areas to care for, big ones and small ones, it takes all our time. We got to Custom House Quay to clear the planters of bulbs and weeds and found this, abandoned picnic tables belonging to the pub.

Reported and sorted on the same day. We were able to clean and plant the planters, and hope to get a cigarette bin and new littler bin at the top of the ramp. Sarita at the Borough is buying them and will get them emptied.

We were joined by some young people from NACRO. It is a popular spot for a break and a look at the town, hence the litter.

With hundreds of plants planted, individual bloomers taking on our areas as well as working with the group the town is looking good.

The local Co-ops lent us their volunteers for a morning and they made a difference to the park beds. They enjoyed themselves and we were delighted with their help and enthusiasm

And finally in June we were awarded a Pride of Boston award for our sheep roundabout by the Preservation Trust. Not just establishing it but looking after it.

And on the 15th July at 9.30 the RHS judges come to Boston to look at out work. Thank you BBL for supporting us. This would not have been done without you.