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July was a busy month for Bloom, with the launch of the Buoys Trail on the 3rd July.

I am sure BBL residents were as delighted as we were to see all six buoys in place. Alison was interviewed  with your Chairman by Endeavour Radio in the park at the start of the tour.

The Bloom planting posse had been very busy in the previous week helping with the final planting, weeding and tidying around the buoy garden which looked delightful.

Donations from Locals

This is a gift from a haulier who had to move compost from a factory. He gave it to Boston in Bloom and we will use it as a mulch in the park.

We had to prepare story boards for the Judge as we couldn’t  tell him face-to-face all that had been accomplished during the year.

Then to the 12th July when the RHS Judge from the East Midlands in Bloom team arrived in Boston.

It had been decided originally like the national competition that all judging would be digital but the month before we were told that someone would visit.

We were ready, and adhered to the strict rules from EMiB, only one person to meet the Judge at a area, nothing to be given to him, no hospitality to be offered, and no end of tour refreshments.

He started at the Willoughby Road Allotments, then to the Memorial Gardens, Park and new buoy, the bus station buoy, the foot bridge buoy and all the associated planting, the new Mayflower bed at the Stump, on to Custom House Quay, Haven Bridge buoys and wild flower meadow and then finally the Station.

Quite a trip. He seemed to be very impressed by the town.

We were joined in our last tidy up before judging by volunteers from Lincolnshire Co op

Our film publicizing Boston in Bloom and made by Electric Egg is now on the new Boston in Bloom YouTube channel.

We also gave the Judge a digital Guide /brochure –

August was a quiet month, we worked hard on the long beds in the park and at B and M . We kept an eye on the Memorial gardens, noting that the railings were in need of repair and painting. The Veterans Plaque Committee were busy with the refurbishment of the plaques which looked excellent at the finish. We will work with the Council to see if much of the park, Custom House Quay and street furniture can be replaced, repaired or painted.