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We were able to celebrate the end of lockdown with the installation of  the station sculpture by Jeni Cairns, planned for two years ago.

Delays with the changes in Rail franchises, then hit by covid. The planning seemed endless. The sculpture celebrates the Stump, the wool trade Hanse, our maritime history.

Delighted to welcome the station adopters who look after the planting now. We get the plants, and work with them  over the seasons.

Haven Bridge

The Market Place is a busy area and unfortunately the planters are often used as cigarette bins and litter bins  But if they are planted up this discourages their use.

It was worth the hard work.

We varied the plants we used, including more perennials and pollinators. Without the support of BBL we would not have been able to buy and raise many of the plants we used this autumn and spring during the absence of our parks’ colleagues

Central Park

April went into May, our planters, filled with bulbs were very popular with residents, and we saw them popping up on social media.

It was the first time we had planted them through the town and will do that again.

We saved all the bulbs and hope to use most of them next autumn.

Haven Bridge contd.

The wild flower meadow began to flourish and the plinths for the buoys were prepared for them.

And then came the buoys!

Meanwhile all through May and June we worked on the park beds the long ‘Police’ beds, clearing and planting.

The children from Home Nursery helped us.

At last after two lockdowns we were able to continue planting the Mayflower bed and put in place the Mayflower and fishes that were ordered two years ago.

The grasses represent waves.

We now look forward to the launching of the Boston Buoy Trail on July 3th I am sure they will gain national recognition. Our sheep are already recorded on the arts uk web site

We have a visit from an East Midlands Judge on the 12th July under very strict conditions. Then we have the digital judging by the national Royal Horticultural Association in August.

Without the backing of Boston Big Local none of this would have been possible. We have been able  to continue to maintain the work started  eight years ago, planting, redesigning, to have been a partner to the Borough, Transported Art, Fydell House, the Stump. We maintain our links with schools and residents who join us, more after lockdown.   We have worked with Transported Art, East Midlands Railway, Arts Council and BTAC as well as BBL to bring in funding for our work. We have  encouraged local businesses to sponsor us, although this has taken a hit over the last 18 months.

Our work with Public Realm has created  community art using the memories of our residents old and young. We are gaining national recognition, not just for Bloom but our town.

On behalf of Boston in Bloom, I thank the Boston Big Local and the residents for their unwavering support and to have confidence in us for the next two years.