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With the start of lock down in January, our volunteers were stuck at home but the hard work of planting the planters paid off.

The bulbs have responded very well and we have had many comments on Facebook  of how good they look.

192 people reached, 52 commented on Facebook for this picture. This is one of four planters outside Boots, planted with perennial grasses and bulbs.

We are using Facebook and Twitter.

Market Place

The Market Place is a busy area and unfortunately the planters are often used as cigarette bins and litter bins  But if they are planted up this discourages their use.

It was worth the hard work.

We varied the plants we used, including more perennials and pollinators. Without the support of BBL we would not have been able to buy and raise many of the plants we used this autumn and spring during the absence of our parks’ colleagues

Central Park

The park was a priority when we were able to get out at the easing of lockdown .Our volunteers were delighted to dig again, even in the pouring rain.

The lockdown gave us time to prepare for the year coming. We were in touch with East Midlands in Bloom and the RHS about the arrangements for this year’s judging. As discussed last year there will be a virtually judging for the RHS.

The EMiB may send a Judge, there will be gold silver and bronze awards, but no marks awarded.

No schools visits, no car sharing meeting or greeting and one representative if a judge comes to Boston.

We applied to the Community Chest and BTAC  for help to commission a professional video company, unfortunately we have no one in our group technically experienced or capable to do this work.

Roots of Remembrance

Community groups, businesses, local authorities and schools are invited to plant trees in memory of those who have lost their lives during the pandemic.

We are investigating areas that will be suitable spaces for this idea.

Then we got the news that the station sculpture, that  East Midlands Rail sponsored was completed. This goes into our station bed.

Railway Station

Our station bed above and one of the station planters to the right, now looked after by the new station adopters team.

Haven Bridge

This is the site of one of the Boston Buoys on our wild meadow. A plinth to hold the buoy should be going in after Easter and we can renew our work on the meadow.

We will be working with the new Naturehood Project. On this site, students will go to a number of our other  sites to count the insects and numbers of wild flowers that have grown, an exciting project for us.

Central Park

These are some of the young people in the Princes’ Trust team.

They are joining  us again around the buoy in the Park, the new Community Garden and going to Witham Country Park.

This has been a difficult year for all of us.

A bonus for Boston are the new litter picking teams all over the place, the Wyberton Wombles have worked tirelessly and have 800 people on their Facebook group.

I am in touch with them and a number of others. If you see red bags litter pickers and bloom have been at work.

Perhaps the work of Jen Moore and Fran Taylor has taken root and the lockdown has inspired a new culture of neighbourhood pride.