The plan is to recreate & celebrate the sailing of the puritans who left Boston circa 1620 on the ship Mayflower to discover Boston Mass. The design of the feature was created by Bridget to celebrate 2020 the 400 year anniversary of the pilgrim fathers leaving Boston.
A two year planting program has now just begun with the installation of three different varieties of grasses to represent the sea & a stunning piece of artwork in metal of the ship Mayflower along with shoals of fish in metal work too. The effect will be as the wind blows through the grasses it will look as if the ship is at sea.
Partly sponsored by Pelo’s hair salon situated close by Boston in Bloom is seeking further funding to complete the design ready for the 2020 celebrations next year. This will be a permanent installation at the Stump for locals & visitors to enjoy & will sit alongside the Puritan Way adjacent to the site.