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Another Boston business has shown support for a bid to boost the town.

Andrea Maude, owner of Maudes the Jewellers, just off the Market Place in Petticoat Lane, is passionate about Boston and keen to see it fulfil its potential as a destination.
Originally from Scotland, she has spent most of her life in Boston and been in business in the town for 40 years.
She has put £100 sponsorship towards a Boston in Bloom planting scheme for Wide Bargate and is keen that support is shown for efforts to make the town look more attractive. Her shop is on the main thoroughfare between the Market Place and Pescod Square and she said: “Boston is a lovely place; it has some lovely architecture and a really good range of shops. We should all do all we can to give people more reason to want to visit the town.”
She has plans for hanging baskets to brighten the walk along Petticoat Lane by her premises – the connecting path between the Market Place and Pescod Square is among those with the highest footfall in the town.
This year the Boston in Bloom committee and its small army of volunteer helpers will be working hard to help the town retain the gold Britain in Bloom award it won last year.
Andrea joins Aston Robinson, of Wormgate’s Pelo and Eden hairdressers and beauty salon, who has also donated £100 to Boston in Bloom for planting in the grounds of The Stump
Alison Fairman, chairman of Boston in Bloom, said: “It’s really great that businesses are getting behind the efforts to make Boston look better. They recognise the importance of making the town attractive to shoppers but also to visitors and local people.”
Former borough councillor Ernie Napier is another who shares a passion for Boston. Now 74, and a borough councillor for 28 years until 2007, he gives his time as a volunteer every Wednesday, rain or shine, to leaflet visitors arriving in town by bus and coach.
Over the years he has thrust thousands of Visit Boston leaflets into the hands of those leaving buses and coaches and aiming for the market.
“I have always wanted visitors to know that there is much more to Boston than the market, and to encourage them to stay longer, spend more and come back with family and friends.”
An updated Visit Boston leaflet is being prepared by the borough council for Mr Napier to hand out to this summer season’s visitors from the coast.

Andrea Maude, second from left, presents her £100 cheque to Boston in Bloom committee members, from left, Paul Collingwood, Alison Fairman and Cllr Claire Rylott, borough council portfolio holder for grounds and open spaces